About Us

India Pride Project’s mission is to restoring the Nation’s pride through restoring its culture

We will achieve this mission through:

   Leveraging a robust and motivated stakeholder-group, consisting of:
       •   Local and International art-experts and historians,
       •   Legal experts,
       •   Diplomacy experts,
       •   Media houses and
       •   Public participation

  Strong Governmental participation and support

Our mission :

Short-term Goals
       1.    Bring back US $50 million of looted artifacts to India in 2 years.
       2.    Create precedence through successful prosecution of criminal art-dealers.
       3.    CELEBRATE!!! Create public events for Sthapnas and special Darshans.

Long term Goals
       1.    Restitute 5,000 Items in 10 years.
       2.    Create a national institution for identifying, restituting and conserving Indian artifacts.
       3.    Build a searchable national archive of sculpture and art. Seek industry participation and regional centers to curate and enrich content.

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