India Pride Project Roadshow On Reclaiming Stolen Heritage


A nation is defined its past as well its future outlook. India has a glorious past and celebration of her heritage should be a matter of pride for us Indians.

India Pride Project is one such movement. Ancient Indian statues, manuscripts, maps and artefacts are stolen and sold off for millions of dollars in international art markets. India Pride Project is a volunteer-led effort that is tracking these national treasures globally, and demanding they are brought back to India.

Stolen Jain Tirthankara
Stolen Jain Tirthankara

A handful of these stolen-treasures were personally handed back to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the German and Australian premiers.

With an aim to increase awareness about the project a roadshow is being held in India. The events will throw light on issues like

1. Recovering stolen Indian heritage (smuggled all across the globe),

2. Creating mass-awareness about the scale of the loot, and

3. Creating appetite in government-agencies to bring heritage-recovery back on the agenda. It will be attended by over 1,000 academicians, historians and heritage-enthusiasts.

Those speaking at the roadshows will be Anuraag Saxena and Vijay Kumar. They are co-founders of the India Pride Project. Anuraag Saxena is the Regional CEO with World Education Foundation. He is passionate about Indian heritage and culinary-history. He is based in Singapore. Vijay Kumar is an avid heritage enthusiast and blogger promoting awareness of Indian art. Vijay works as shipping professional in Singapore.

Stolen Barhut Stupa

The first event will be held in Delhi on Thursday (21, April) at 5 pm. The venue will is Press Club of India, near Parliament House, New Delhi. Another event in Delhi will be at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg on Sunday (24, April) at 10.30 am.

The pride project will also be coming to South India and Bangalore will be its first stop with the event being held on Sunday (24, April) at 4.30 pm at New Horizon College. Chennai roadshow will be on Monday (25, April) at Shreyans Hall, Wallajah Road at 5.30 pm.


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